About Algebraix Data

Algebraix technology automatically accelerates data devices and software platforms, radically reducing computational time, slashing costs and delivering vendors a competitive advantage.

Algebraix is the inventor of data algebra™, and holds a series of patents related to its application to computer technology. In fact, Algebraix literally wrote the book on “The Algebra of Data.” In it, Algebraix Founder Professor Gary Sherman and leading industry analyst Robin Bloor identified data algebra as the new foundation of the data economy.

After 6 years of R&D, Algebraix has invented and refined a new standard for data query performance. Their products enable faster insights, improved multi-user concurrency, lower infrastructure costs and reduced database administration through a solution that intelligently learns and adapts. Founded in 2012, Algebraix is headquartered and has research offices in Austin,TX.

Our flagship product is Algebraix Inside™, patented technologies that supercharge big data analytics hardware & software. Our engineering team works hand-in-hand with other technology providers to integrate our technology inside of a product, greatly increasing database query speeds while demanding fewer resources. Algebraix Inside is customized and seamlessly installed within platforms and products. It reduces hardware cost (or increase margins) while at the same time, delivering a competitive advantage in speed. Analytics hardware and software makers win on both speed and price with Algebraix Inside.

“Algebraix is using complicated math to simplify the deep problems of data. This is no fly-by-night Silicon Valley endeavor.” ~ Forbes

Algebraix Inside differentiates itself by provisioning optimizations automatically that would normally require a Database Administrator’s (DBA) manual intervention – or that wouldn’t be possible at all. Thus, it returns query responses faster. Using a process called Algebraic Computational Reuse, it trades compute time for storage, thereby reducing the amount of computational resources required. It thus reduces cost and increases capacity.

Because Algebraix Inside provides an optimization engine for query acceleration to BI, Analytics and database products, it can fill the same role for open source products in these and other product categories.

In a different area of software technology, Algebraix Data is building and establishing a secure blockchain-based service that will allow individuals to store and monetize their personal data. This will involve the launch of a new cryptocurrency. Aside from enabling people to be rewarded directly by promoters and advertisers for the use of their data, the service will enable an ecosystem of applications to serve its customers, both through direct development and by partnering with other software providers.

Algebraix Data will enable individuals to own and monetize their personal data. The company’s secure, permission-based ad network will be enabled by blockchain and the new ALX cryptocurrency. The network will be powered by the company’s unique, patented Data Algebra technology.

Contact Information:

9601 Amberglen Boulevard
Austin, TX 78729

(858) 381-4800


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring about a smarter world by revolutionizing big data.

Our Patents

Algebraix platforms are based on our fundamental innovations in a field of applied mathematics: the algebra of data™. As a consequence, Algebraix has built a portfolio of patents around its technology platform, including the following:



Systems and Methods for Providing Data Sets using a Store of Algebraic Relations



Systems and Methods for Data Manipulation using Multiple Storage Formats



Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Algebraic Optimization



Systems and Methods for Data Model Mapping



Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Virtual Data Sets



Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Algebraic Relations



Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Algebraic Relations Composed from Query Language Statements



Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval Using Algebraix Relations to Optimize Calculations



Systems and Methods for Indirect Algebraic Partitioning