Increasing database speed and reducing hardware need

Algebraix® products have applied patented data algebra algorithms and machine learning to accelerate data queries by a factor of up to 10… while, at the same time, reducing hardware requirements by 50% or more—all without human intervention.

So, how does Algebraix database optimization work?

Simply stated, Algebraix data optimization technologies transform complex big data queries into simple look-ups.

A Revolutionary Approach to Database Optimization

Algebraix Data has built an intelligent multi-query optimizer that predicts future query behavior and automatically deploys optimizations. It is an application of the newly invented branch of mathematics, data algebra, and its associated patented algorithms, which simplify queries.

In building its optimization technology, Algebraix Data has worked with analytics hardware and software designers to demonstrate how the Algebraix technology can be integrated with existing technology, often with few or no changes to existing software.

In the Spark environment, for example, the Algebraix software intercepts user SQL queries and DataFrame programs and analyzes query responses, finding and identifying query patterns that correspond to data reuse. Next, it automatically provisions optimizations to accelerate future queries that have commonalities with the observed patterns. Complex queries are turned into simple “lookups.” 

Our engineers designed the optimizer for easy integration. It works in conjunction with Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Map Reduce and Microsoft Azure’s HD Insight, requiring no changes to existing Spark scripts and queries. Offloading the optimization and maintenance of data organization and retrieval will enable data-driven organizations to scale faster and more effectively.

“Data algebra provides a new approach for managing, integrating, and searching data faster and more efficiently.”

You can think of the  Algebraix optimizer (code name Delta) as an intelligent, automated database administrator. Using machine learning, it continually fine tunes and optimizes data management activity, 24/7, without human intervention, reducing hardware costs and delivering faster query performance.

This technology is as relevant to Blockchain applications as it is to Big Data applications and will be made available on an open source basis as part of Algebraix’s current Blockchain Project. With the Blockchain Project, Algebraix Data is building and establishing a secure blockchain-based data market and database-as-a-service market based on the launch of a new cryptocurrency.

As Information Week noted, “Data algebra is a new approach for managing, integrating, and searching data faster and more efficiently.”

As the inventor of data algebra, Algebraix Data’s patented and proprietary database optimization technologies automatically accelerate data queries with AI, radically reducing computational time and slashing costs. Algebraix Data provides an enormous advantage, both in speed and cost.

Algebraix Data will enable individuals to own and monetize their personal data. The company’s secure, permission-based ad network will be enabled by blockchain and the new ALX cryptocurrency. The network will be powered by the company’s unique, patented Data Algebra technology.

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