Data Algebra™ accelerates analytics software up to 10 times faster… on half of the hardware

Algebraix® Data is the inventor of data algebra, and its proprietary, patented Algebraix technology automatically accelerates analytics, radically reducing computational time, slashing costs and delivering software vendors competitive advantage.

It is designed for use in analytics, and seamlessly, automatically works within your existing data device or software platform. Analytics product managers can then ship faster, less expensive data devices or software platforms with Algebraix Inside™. This allows your big data end users to automatically supercharge existing analytics. The applications are almost unlimited, running the gamut from the sciences to search engines, from media to retail… and even the nascent IoT market. You offer a more efficient, faster product, and gain a crucial advantage.

The Benefits

Algebraix software uses patented data algebra algorithms and machine learning to accelerate data queries by a factor of up to 10… while reducing your hardware needs by 50% or more – all without human intervention. This reduces hardware expenditures, as well as the related costs for power, floor space, and labor. At the same time, your users experience faster speeds and encounter fewer bottlenecks. With a faster product that uses less resources, analytics devices/platforms that use Algebraix Inside software offer a significant competitive advantage.

Incorporating Algebraix into your analytics product is like including an Artificially Intelligent DBA with your product. The AI-DBA works automatically, employing data algebra and AI to learn and adapt to the target environment. One area of application poised to change an industry is our Blockchain Project, coming soon.

Faster Than We Can Admit

Benchmarking a 1Tb dataset at a global OEM recently revealed a 24x acceleration in their queries, using just 1/400th of the cores originally required. We’ve seen vastly faster results, but you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. It’s big data optimization on a new scale. It’s Algebraix.

Automated and Self-Teaching

Algebraix is an intelligent multi-query optimizer that predicts future behavior and automatically deploys optimizations. Think of Algebraix as your intelligent, automated database administrator. Using machine learning, Algebraix software continually fine tunes and optimizes your data management, 24/7, without human intervention.

Optimization Increases Profits

Radically reduced computational time reduces hardware expenditures, as well as the related costs for power and floor space. And since it automatically tunes your database without human intervention, you minimize the growth of your DBA team as you expand, enabling analytics operations to scale to unprecedented levels.

Better for Users

Faster queries lead to faster insights and faster actionable business decisions. In addition, Algebraix improves multi-user concurrency, meaning more users can query the system with fewer disruptive bottlenecks.

Flexible and Easy

Installation is simple, and Algebraix products seamlessly integrate without any changes to your current scripts and queries. It acts as a central hub for all query processing in large, distributed, heterogeneous data in data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes – including on-premises and cloud. It also can work on top of files, extracting data that was previously hard to manage. Stop worrying about where your data is stored and which compute models & engines should process it. Just submit a query and Algebraix takes care of the rest.

The Ultimate Big Data Advantage

Cost-effective business decisions in the BI Analytics world are often reliant upon the efficiency of their technology. Technology which automatically optimizes big data and reduces the associated costs is a competitive advantage that cannot be ignored.

Big Data Optimization

Algebraix has built optimization technology that will accelerate queries in Big Data environments for relationally structured data, document data and graphical data. This Big Data capability will be applied to the benefit of users of our Personal Secure Vault that is being developed in our new Blockchain Project.

Our patented and proprietary technologies automatically accelerate big data queries with AI, radically reducing computational time and slashing costs. Algebraix Data delivers an enormous advantage, both in speed and cost. Contact us today for more information.