What does Algebraix Data do?

We are the inventors of a data algebra, a new branch of applied mathematics. We apply data algebra to situations where it can improve on existing software. It can be used to speed up queries and reduce computing costs in big data environments. It can be used for data transformations, from one data structure to another, as is often required in data flows and data distribution. It can be used to build comprehensive metadata structures such as rich file directories or rich data catalogs. Because it is mathematical, software that makes effective use of it will, in general, scale extremely well.

How does algebraic query acceleration work?

When queries are submitted by users, the Algebraix query accelerator registers these queries and translates them into Data Algebra™ expressions. Over time, the accelerator finds overlapping pieces of queries that can be used and pre-computed to improve performance of other queries that haven’t yet been run. The software essentially becomes a “computational cache” that can save valuable CPU cycles by reducing pre-computational work.

On a variety of analytics style queries from the industry standard TPC-H benchmark framework, the Algebraix query accelerator demonstrated performance improvement from 3-10X on select queries. Some were over 100X.

What is the Algebraix Personal Secure Vault?

It is, from the user’s perspectiive, an application that will securely store a user’s data, allowing them to manage it and monetize it. Owners of the Personal Secure Vault (PSV) will be able to store cryptocurrency (it is a wallet) as well as data, and will be able to receive rewards in ALX tokens for viewing adverts. As time passes, the PSV will provide other capabilities, such as the ability to buy and sell goods and services using ALX tokens.

What role does Data Algebra play in enabling the Personal Secure Vault?

Technically, the PSV is part of a complex networked system which includes a blockchain to record all ALX transactions and smart contracts, a database that allows advertisers to scan and query anonymized data, an end to end encrypted messaging system and a communication channel that delivers advertisements to users for them to view.  This is all done at the end users’ discretion. To enable this functionality, there is also a distributed, encrypted data store to enable users to store their personal data.

Data Algebra will prove invaluable for providing an extremely fast database query service and for providing access to frequently used data. It is also required to provide a rich data and metadata directory for the whole network. Data Algebra will help to make the network extremely scalable to cater for millions of users and billions of transcations.

What is a SAFT?

A SAFT is a “Simple Agreement for Future Token” which is a contract for the purchase of a token that has not yet been released or created. A SAFT is an SEC exempt security allowing for the future sale of non-security app tokens. The SAFT is like a forward contract, obligating the seller to deliver tokens by a certain date and the agreement typically details terms such as launch date, investor discount rate and minimum and maximum investment amounts. A SAFT is similar to the SAFE (Simple Agreement Future Equity) commonly used by technology startups.

What do I own when buying a SAFT?

When buying a SAFT, you own the right to receive tokens of the issuer on a future date subject to any limitations that are detailed in the SAFT itself.

How do I purchase a SAFT?

We currently use SAFTLaunch.com, which provides everything you need to enter into our SAFT agreement with a SAFT issuer. You will  choose the issuance, then you will be able to read and sign the SAFT contract via their platform in a secured method. Once you read and sign the SAFT, we provide payment instructions on your user portal for the delivery of payment under the SAFT. Be sure to provide us with your Ethereum address so the issuer can distribute your tokens.

Who can purchase a SAFT on SAFTLaunch?

Accredited US under Rule 501(a) of Regulation D and foreign investors who provide KYC/AML information. Investors must all pass our KYC/AML compliance review prior to entering into any SAFT agreement on our platform

What about compliance and regulations?

Regulatory compliance is a key focus of ours and we have brought the top attorneys in the industry on board to advise our process. Our background is in investing, brokerage, security and technology, and we are very familiar with the regulations around securities issuance. We go above and beyond the legal advice that we have received in order to comply with all necessary laws and regulation. For investors, we provide a safe and easy way to pre-invest in ICOs and for issuers we provide a safe and reliable platform to reach accredited investors.

Why use a SAFT?

Our lawyers tell us that ICO presales that are done before the app Token’s application is ready may potentially be viewed as an unregistered sale of a security. SAFTs take the mystery out of pre-sales and limit the sale to specific approved investors in reliance on the safe harbors for private offering exemption.

What is the SAFTs term?

Typically 90 days.

Who is behind Algebraix Data and the SAFT?

Please refer to our team bio page. To learn more, drop an email, or chat with us in our Telegram to chat about ICOs in general, ask specific questions, or vent your concerns. We love to chat. Especially about ICOs.