Technology Investor Information

Algebraix Data is the inventor of Data Algebra™, and has employed this new branch of applied mathematics to build patented technology that can automatically accelerate data queries, radically reducing computational time and slashing costs.

The company is currently focusing on a blockchain project to provide individuals with a Personal Secure Vault (PSV) for their personal data, enabling them to monetize it through an wholly new and innovative advertising market. For the first time, people will be able to secure and manage their own data, and monetize it, if they so choose, through the operation of a new advertising market based on Algebraix Data’s Permission Engine.

In September 2017, Algebraix Data will be conducting a presale of ALX tokens through what is termed a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens).  To view our SAFT presentation and read the white paper which describes Algebraix Data’s blockchain project: click here. For the information on directly investing in Algebraix Data, please contact us,  indicating your interest in investing. Thank you.