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Algebraix Data will enable individuals to own and monetize their personal data. The company’s secure, permission-based ad network will be enabled by blockchain and the new ALX cryptocurrency.

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Personal Secure Vault

Since the dawn of the Internet, web-based businesses have profited from exploiting our data.

They gather petabytes of our data, not just our names and email addresses, but – as we browse from website to website – our buying patterns, our interests, our political leanings, our health concerns, our investment choices and our social interactions. They harvest our data, categorize it, aggregate it and analyze it for their exclusive commercial benefit. They did so without seeking our permission or rewarding us, and they will continue to do so until we take ownership of and control our own data.

Algebraix intends to level the playing field. It will provide individuals with the ability to anonymize their identities and control, by smart contracts, exactly who has access to their data and how it can be used. We will allow individuals to monetize their data through rewards they receive from organizations who wish to promote products and services.

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What Are Those Data Rights I Keep Hearing About?

Continuing the GDPR series of posts, let’s examine what those individual data rights are. You can summarize them with these words: The right of consent, The right to access the data, The right to change data, The right to complain, The right to erasure and The right to portability.

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