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  • We believe it’s time for individuals to stop being treated like products.
  • We believe if your personal data is used, you get paid.
  • We believe advertisers need elegant solutions, better targeting,  better ROI.
  • We believe permission marketing is better than interruption marketing.
  • We believe cryptocurrency should be easy to use.

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Personal Secure Vault

Since the dawn of the Internet, web-based businesses have profited from exploiting our data.

They gather petabytes of our data, not just our names and email addresses, but – as we browse from website to website – our buying patterns, our interests, our political leanings, our health concerns, our investment choices and our social interactions. They harvest our data, categorize it, aggregate it and analyze it for their exclusive commercial benefit. They did so without seeking our permission or rewarding us, and they will continue to do so until we take ownership of and control our own data.

Algebraix will level the playing field. We will empower individuals to anonymize their identities and control, by smart contracts, exactly who has access to their data and how it can be used. Individuals will monetize their data through cryptocurrency they receive from organizations who wish to promote products and services.

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Press and Updates

Blockchain At Heart of Personal Data

Dec. 08, 2017

It’s a new business model for Algebraix, which spent years developing “the algebra of data.” Now Algebraix is looking to apply their math techniques to workloads running on the Blockchain.


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How Charlie Silver is Bringing Cryptocurrency Mainstream

Huffington Post
Nov. 15, 2017

Do you remember when Mark Zuckerberg was so nervous on stage talking about Facebook’s privacy policy, that he had to take off his hoodie because he was sweating so much?


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How Algebraix Data Helps You Monetize Your Own Data

Built In Austin
Nov. 13, 2017

Ever wrap up a virtual chat with a friend only to find out that Facebook was “listening” and used that info to strategically advertise products and services based on those messages?


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