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Spark SQL 50x Faster

The Algebraix Query Accelerator (AQA) is a software component for Spark SQL designed to help big data engineers and business users unlock the value of their data without the frustrations of adding hardware, manually tuning queries, and creating adjacent data stores.

Users can effectively reduce storage and computational costs with software that transforms their complex big data queries into simple look-ups.


Seamless Integration, Zero Hardware Configuration


The Algebraix Query Accelerator is simple to install and works in conjunction with Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Map Reduce and Microsoft Azure’s HD Insight. The application of our product requires no change to your current Spark scripts or queries.

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The Benefits of Query Acceleration

Improved Multi-User Concurrency

More users can query the system with fewer disruptive bottlenecks.

Faster SQL Query Performance 

Select queries will run up to 1000x faster. Complex queries are turned into simple “lookups” to reduce analyst idle time.

Reduced Big Data Operational Costs

Remove the need for adjacent data stores, added memory, and additional nodes in AWS and Azure.

Our Core Technology: Data Algebra ®

Our core technology, Data Algebra®, is a mathematical approach to manipulating and representing data. Whereas other technologies leverage meta-data or adjacent data stores to process data, data algebra translates queries into simple algebraic lookups. 

Our book The Algebra of Data: A Foundation for the Data Economy – is an introduction to this genuine game changing technology concept. The book was co-written by Gary J. Sherman, PhD, the inventor of the Algebra of Data™ and founding mathematician of Algebraix Data, and Robin Bloor, PhD, also a mathematician as well as an influential researcher, analyst, and well-known author.

Information week and several other editorials have noted, “Data algebra is a new approach for managing, integrating, and searching data faster and more efficiently”. Download our E book to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Algebraix Data do?
  • We make Query Accelerators that lower computing cost and speed up queries. We do this by allowing companies to scale query performance with innovative software, not expensive hardware. Our first AQA version works with Apache Spark, AWS, and Azure. We will be adding other versions in the future.
How does the query accelerator work?
  •  When queries are submitted by users, AQA registers these queries and translates them to Data Algebra expressions.  Over time, AQA finds overlapping or similar pieces of queries that can be used and pre-computed to improve performance of other queries that haven’t been yet run on Spark. The software essentially becomes a “computational cache” that can save valuable CPU cycles by reducing pre-computational work.
What is the problem with the current big data market?
  •  Companies have rapidly adopted open source technologies like Hadoop and Spark to save money.  But these open source platforms are immature and lack functionality found in mature Relational Database technologies like IBM, Oracle, Teradata, and Microsoft.  These include immature optimizers, lack of workload management and priority scheduling tools, and little if any advanced indexing capabilities.  This results in poor, unpredictable SQL performance especially on complex, iterative queries. As a result, companies are forced to scale performance with expensive hardware. It also results in poor user concurrency which leads to the need to implement multiple clusters in the cloud to service multiple user groups.
What are the Alternatives?
  • There are multiple companies attempting to make Spark SQL queries run faster, but they are more complicated than AQA. Some competitive products require you to implement adjacent data stores and re-direct processing work away from Spark. Others require complex, manual tuning and indexing. While still some require you to purchase expensive add-on hardware and memory. All are more complex and costly to implement than AQA. In many cases, our product can complement these other approaches.
How is the query accelerator implemented?
  • Users provision AQA easily via a set of simple to install installation scripts in either AWS Elastic Map Reduce or Microsoft Azure clouds. Once the AQA package is installed, only a single line of code changes in your application. There is no change required to data or queries to run AQA.
How does our Query Accelerator perform?
  • On a variety of analytics style queries from the industry standard TPC-H benchmark framework, AQAautomatically and transparently establishes optimization techniques that speeds up a wide variety of the queries.Typical performance ranges from 3-10X on select queries. Some are over 100X. Of course, each customer’s actual performance will vary depending upon your data demographics and query profiles.


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